Sunday, February 7, 2016


Dedicated to my brother Andy, he passed away at 42 from heart failure. 1971-2013

When you were born I was really mad,
Now that I am older I feel so bad.
As a child I thought you broke up my mom and dad’s marriage,
But I was so wrong and saying that took a lot of courage.
As we grew up life was a living hell,
If you were here you would agree with me as well.
We had to stick together to make it through,
It was just us kids we stuck together like glue.
Some memories will be different I am sure of that,
But some are the same and that's a fact.
When I moved out is when you got closer to me,
Like sisters and brothers are supposed to be.
Our memories got better for the times that we shared,
I miss you dear brother you know that I always cared.

Andy was my half-brother. I didn't know he was born until my mom came over and he was lying on the front seat of the car. Back in those days we didn't need car seats. Anyway, that's the reason I thought my parents divorced as a child, I was 8. But it was so far from the truth. My daughter Amy and brother Andy birthdays are one day apart and they celebrated together all the time.

We love and miss you Andy!!