Monday, May 28, 2012

Saying Good-Bye

I wrote this when My sister was dying of cancer. She passed March, 22, 2003. She was 42 years old.

It's so hard to say good-bye,
It's so hard it makes me cry.
I know that soon you will be leaving,
In my heart I will be grieving.
I still hear your laugh and see your smile,
I can feel your presence all of the while.
In my heart, I will try to be strong,
But in my mind I know, you are gone.
My heart is empty my mind confused,
All my emotions are being abused.
As I try to figure out life itself,
All my feelings are in a box on a shelf.
I will always remember you, my whole life through.
I will cherish the memories I have of you
In my heart, I will try to keep strong,
But in my mind I know, you are gone.

Dedicated to my sister Ronda.
We LOVE YOU and Miss you so much..

The Flower Blooms

This Poem was written for my daughter, Amy

As I watch my flower bloom,
I feed and water it, I give it room.
With petals of brilliant bright colors,
You stand so proud, like know others.
As the sun sets in the West,
You know soon it’s time to rest.
As the petals close up for the night,
I stand staring at the beautiful sight.
As I whisper to you, "Goodnight my child",
You whisper to me "I love you" with a smile.
Unconditional love, it’s all given free.
This is what life means to me.